Funding Opportunity

Talent Grants

We welcome applications for grants of up to £500 from young people with exceptional talent.

Grants can be used to pay for lessons, the cost of attending training or competitions, sports and musical equipment or whatever else is needed for a talent to flourish.

When deciding which applicants are to be successful, the trustees look first and foremost for outstanding talent. Dedication, potential, financial/personal circumstances and overall quality of application are also taken into account. Applicants already in receipt of some form of funding (grants, awards, school scholarships and bursaries) may be less likely than others to receive grants. We reserve the right to decline applications without reason.

Applicants must live in Brighton and Hove. NB - due to the extremely high numbers of applications we have been receiving in recent years, all applicants who have not previously received a grant must be aged between 13 and 18 at the time of application.