Funding Opportunity

The John Byrne Award

Established in 2012, The John Byrne Award is a creative competition, open to anyone living or studying in Scotland over 16 years old. We accept creative work in all disciplines, on any theme or topic. Join our dynamic online community, and enter our quarterly competition and year-round exhibition for a chance to win a cash prize of £500.

The John Byrne Award accepts work in any creative discipline, on any topic – however, entries must include:

- A piece of creative work on a chosen theme or value. Written work must be no more than 3,000 words in length, while video/audio can be up to 25 minutes in length. Your creative work should have been created with 18 months of your date of submission.

- An entry title, which must be phrased as a question (this is not the title of your creative work but of your John Byrne Award entry as a whole).

- An entry statement, of no more than 200 words, explaining what your creative work communicates, and why these ideas are important.

Entrants must also:

- Be aged over 16, and living or studying in Scotland.