Funding Opportunity

Think Tank: Agents of Change

We are looking for up to six Global Majority theatre professionals to take part in an action research project to explore and research ideas that will create equal opportunities and support leadership progression for Global Majority arts professionals.

The six Agents of Change will work individually and as a group to interrogate an idea they want to explore. There will be support through facilitated action learning sessions, chance to meet with industry experts and most importantly paid time to think, meet people, and develop the idea.

We are looking for theatre professionals who have an idea that will make a shift in the industry towards more equality, diversity and inclusion specifically for people who are from the Global Majority. The group of six will meet once a month in person where there will be structured time to share and test ideas facilitated by an action learning coach. In between these meetings each participant will have time and resources to research their idea further.

The participants will be paid for their time as well as receive expenses to cover travel. We imagine the monthly meetings will take place in person (possibly London) but it will be possible to participant online. The location of the meetings will be led by the needs and circumstances of the group.

At the completion of the project there is a possibility of sharing the outcomes from the project an industry event curated by the group. This could be to find future partners to move the idea forward, sharing of research, to advocate for change. ADF will also use their contacts and partner relationships to facilitate future life of the ideas generated.

Who is this for?

We are looking for Global Majority theatre professionals at any level of experience who are passionate about influencing change in the theatre sector. Participants can come from any skill background and might be stage managers, producers, actors, directors, theatre makers, designers. They should have ideas about what needs to change and about how to put that change into action. These can be really early ideas that through the project they explore, test and develop. They will need to be confident in and excited by the opportunity to self-direct their research and work independently.

The participants need to be able to commit to attending all six of the sessions. This is a group project, and the cohort will need to depend on each other’s contribution and commitment.

What is available?

Fee of £900 to attend each of the monthly sessions (six in total at £150 per session)

Fee of £1,000 to cover research and thinking time between (April – October)

Budget of £1,000 for resources that will support your research (this might be travel, books, hosting meetings etc.)