Funding Opportunity

Transmission Fund

The Transmission Fund provides grants of £500 - £1,500 to fund opportunities that focus on developing your artistic practice and furthering your professional development at a crucial point in your career. We know that musicians’ career paths can vary greatly and the point at which to apply will be unique to everyone. We can support opportunities such as short courses, workshops, training and short-term periods of mentoring with an expert in your field, either in the UK or internationally.

The fund is open to emerging and professional musicians of all genres and disciplines. As an individual you may be an instrumentalist, composer, producer, conductor, vocalist or singer-songwriter etc. We can also support bands or ensembles consisting of 6 members or less. To apply you must:

- Be aged over 18

- Have been resident in the UK for at least 3 consecutive years

- Be in financial need and without significant backing

- Already have an active career and be able to clearly demonstrate the following:

- Exceptional ability within their discipline

- High quality musical output

- Regularly working (performances, commissions, releases) at a professional level (getting paid for your work)

- An impressive track record with notable career highlights and the potential to achieve a national or international impact with your field

- An entrepreneurial spirit and dedication toward a career as a musician

If applying as a group

- 50% must meet the criteria as above

- You must have been established and playing together regularly for at least 1 year

Through the Transmission Fund we can support the following activities:

- Tailored development opportunities such as workshops, artist residencies, conferences, masterclasses, writing retreats and short courses

- Short periods of training and mentoring with a leading professional in your field to improve your creative practice or offer support and advice ahead of an important career opportunity (e.g. a period of touring or recording)

- We can fund travel, accommodation and access costs relating to the above

- Opportunities must be primarily focused on developing a career as a musician