Funding Opportunity

Working Class Artists Project Funding

Grants of up to £2,000 for theatre projects led by working class artists...

Recognising that working class artists and working class stories are underrepresented in contemporary theatre, Farnham Maltings are offering support for up to 5 new theatre projects created by South East based theatre makers who identify as or describe their background as: working class, benefit class, criminal class or underclass.

We are interested in proposals which have clearly recognised their audience, are mischievous in their form and particularly those which aim to strongly connect with working class audiences or those who may think ‘theatre is not for the likes of them’.

This could be a site-specific project, theatre that doesn’t look like theatre, work in shopping centres, cafes, football clubs, seafronts or work made for venues that rediscovers popular entertainment.

This funding is open to theatre makers who may be at the very beginning of an idea and are looking for support to shape a project, or those who are much further along in staging their work.

We are hoping to support a range of different approaches working with theatre makers who are just starting out in their careers to more experienced artists.

Awards will be up to £2,000 and may encompass a mix of cash and support such as producing advice or rehearsal space, we’d consider the best way we could work with each theatre maker to best support their proposal.

We hope to be able to further invest in some of these projects taking them to full production or tour in the future.