Training Opportunity

1 Year Diploma in Professional Acting

Our 1 Year Diploma in Professional Acting started back in 1966 as a radical, new and vocational approach to drama training. The training is vocational and practical, is full-time and runs over 42 weeks.

During the course we aim to take students through the three stages of learning:

1. Awareness: of yourself and the needs of the profession.

2. Skills: learning techniques which are relevant to you and for your career.

3. Application: using this awareness and these skills in performance and employment.

Who is it the course for?

• Applicants who have some acting experience either at University or elsewhere

• Those who have the energy and resources to work flat out for 40 weeks

• Actors who have considerable talent, no matter how raw, mixed with a passion, an enthusiasm, a sense of fun and a commitment to hard work.

• Applicants aged 21 years and above. We also welcome more mature students.