Training Opportunity

Audition Coaching

Whether you’re applying to drama school or working on new material for professional auditions, this new two week online coaching course provides an opportunity to develop your skills. This course will be running in April and July 2022.

The rules of good practice in auditions are universal. This course is suitable for anyone who finds themselves in an audition situation - both professional actors who want help learning to adapt to different audition styles, as well as those looking to apply to drama school. As this course will include those from a range of backgrounds and experience levels, you will learn a huge amount from your peers too.

The course is fast paced and packed to the brim. You will touch on lots of different styles and settings, giving you the opportunity to try out different styles that are potentially unfamiliar, in a safe environment. You will receive helpful tips and feedback on how to select appropriate material for yourself, as well as tools on how to prepare and warm up. You will be exposed to a range of texts and get to know new material, as well as have the chance to exchange and connect with like-minded people.

What will I be doing?

- How to handle audition nerves and learn what makes a good audition

- You'll be introduced to a range of texts

- Learn how to select future audition material

- Learn key skills and tips to take forward to future auditions

- Time for reflection alongside regular time up on your feet performing within your smaller groups

- Learn how to take notes and redirection quickly