Training Opportunity

BA (Hons) Actor Musician

Leeds Conservatoire's Actor Musicianship programme offers practical training for actors with instrumental skill. Through practical skills training in Acting, Music, Movement, Spoken and Sung Voice and Performance-based Research you will develop the skills to be a highly employable, multi-disciplinary storyteller.

Intense Training

Training as an Actor Musician in a conservatoire environment puts you in a unique position. You will benefit from the teaching expertise of the music conservatoire, working with 1:1 instrumental teachers and the industry professional team delivering the BA Acting programme.

Training is physical, practical and demands consistent creativity. You are required to be fearless, as you acquire new skills and challenge those you arrived with. Training includes ensemble skills classes, 1:1 instrumental lessons, music ensembles, skills in context, seminars and rehearsals; culminating in a final year season of performance that serves as your industry introduction.

The programme celebrates individualism. You will develop your acting and music skills alongside your individual artistry, practically exploring ways of sustaining a portfolio career as a multi-disciplinary artist.

Creative Development

As an Actor Musician you are encouraged to develop creatively as well as technically; originating work and exploring established texts. Through practical exploration you will examine the musicality in acting and the drama in music, focusing on where they interconnect.


Actor Musicianship is a collaborative artform by design and collaboration is at the core of all we do at Leeds Conservatoire. On the Actor Musician programme, students spend their first weeks of training developing an ensemble practice, transforming a cohort into a company.

Regular collaboration with BA Acting students is central to the programme design, providing students with the broadest range of experience. Actor Musicians are encouraged to collaborate with music students - through bands, music festivals, live performance and music ensembles - further developing their instrumental craft and expanding their knowledge of musical styles and genres.

We actively encourage cross programme collaboration with artists from other disciplines throughout your training, supporting our ambition for students to establish a creative network in training, originate live performance and carry both into the profession. Throughout training, students are given the opportunity to collaborate with theatre companies and leading artists in the region developing new live performance.