Training Opportunity

BA (Hons) Digital Media and Extended Reality (XR)

The aim of this programme is to form digital designers equipped with a thorough understanding of current and emergent digital technologies, with an emphasis on Extended Realities (XR) design and development. You will be equipped with an in-depth understanding of core design and production techniques and tools for:

Interaction design, the design of interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services with a focus on XR design.
Creation of immersive and augmented user experiences: the design of real-and-virtual combined environments and apps.
Design and Evaluation of User Experiences (UX) and User Interfaces (UI).
Graphic and Motion design, the use of animation and digital storytelling techniques to convey messages across media.
In the first year, you gain first-hand experience with a wide spectrum of digital design techniques and practices, defining your interests and strengths within emergent areas of specialism.

In the second year, you further define your specialism, enhancing the practical, theoretical and technical understanding of digital design. During your second year, an emphasis is given to emergent technologies such as VR and AR. Through practice-based modules, you are provided with opportunities to apply problem-solving and technical skills to complex design briefs.

In the third year, you apply your specialist skills by engaging in design projects developed in collaboration with industry partners. This involvement provides you with valuable professional experience while also developing a strong portfolio showcasing your design and technical abilities.

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