Training Opportunity

BA (Hons) Stage Management & Technical Theatre

This broad programme encompasses training in a wide range of practical skills related to stage management, stagecraft, technical theatre, event production and event management. It provides opportunities for you to gain practical experience in a variety of production roles within a working environment that closely reflects that of the professional theatre and its related industries. The priority is to ensure that you are well equipped to be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of a diverse industry.

The first year of the course runs from September until June of the following year, equipping you with the core skills required to engage in productions. Training in stage management includes a series of practical sessions designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of the roles of ASM and DSM, including projects in prop making and sourcing. Stagecraft sessions build your knowledge and understanding of the skillset required to mark out rehearsal rooms and stages, construct and fit-up basic scenery, and operate stage machinery such as hemp and counterweight flying systems. You will also gain a secure technical knowledge of lighting, sound, video and electrical systems. Health and Safety training is embedded throughout the training.

Your first production placement takes place during the first term in the form of a group project to produce a themed event at the College for all students. Two further production placements take place in the spring and summer terms within the public performance programmes of the College’s in-house theatre company, the Richard Burton Company. Typical first-year roles within these productions include Swing Tech and ASM.

The second year starts in June and ends the following June and is structured into six-week blocks alternating between coursework and production work.

Coursework focusses on developing the student’s skillset while production placements provide opportunities for them to put these skills into practice in a real-world context.

Coursework extends the development of more advanced skills in stage management, stagecraft and technical theatre. You will have opportunities to undertake lighting and sound design projects, plan an international tour and develop skills in using more advanced automated flying systems.

Within production placements, you will take on increasing levels of responsibility in more senior roles across four different Richard Burton Company productions. By the end of the year, there will often be opportunities to gain experience as Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Lighting Designer etc. By negotiation with your course leaders, up to two of your second-year production placements may be external placements within professional UK theatre or production companies.

The third year starts in June and ends in the following June, with students graduating at the beginning of July. The schedule of alternating six-week blocks of coursework and production work continues.

Coursework in the final year focusses on professionalism, management and preparing for a career in the industry. As well as developing your knowledge of event management, communication studies will also explore important issues such as equality, diversity and inclusion.

You will be a senior member of the production team within your chosen specialist pathway on four separate productions, experiencing a high degree of ownership over the final performances. By negotiation with your course leaders, one of your third-year placements may be an external placement within a professional UK theatre or production company.

The final dissertation component may be submitted in written form or delivered as a presentation. Whichever route you choose, the primary focus will be on creating connections with the industry within your chosen specialisms.