Training Opportunity

BA (Hons) Theatre and Film

If you love theatre and film you can study them both in depth on the only course of its kind in Scotland. You will enjoy practical work-based learning opportunities.

And… ACTION! Film and theatre are thriving industries, creatively and commercially. This course gives you a unique chance to study these two exciting disciplines in depth and in tandem, developing your passion for live and recorded dramatic performance and preparing yourself for a rewarding career.

You will learn about the histories of theatre and cinema, and examine the key critical cultural and political debates. You will explore the spaces of the stage and studio, stage and screen performances and the genres, narratives and authorship of plays and screenplays. We study the economics and management of theatre and cinema within the creative industries.

Year One modules will give you a broad understanding of how theatre and film work as creative industries. You start your study of theatre and film narrative and performance, and gain experience of creative production.

Year Two examines questions of genre and creativity alongside the theory and practice of stage performance.

In Years Three and Four you will look at key periods, movements and practitioners in theatre and film drama, alongside modules in areas such as adaptation, comedy, playwriting and Hollywood cinema. You can create your own production projects and choose additional, optional subjects such as photography or community theatre.

Alongside the course’s academic core you will have plenty of opportunity to gain production experience from Year One, and can specialise in practice areas in later years.