Training Opportunity

BSc (Hons) Media Technology

The Media Technology degree programme has four core strands, and the modules reflect that with content based around: internet technology and implementation, broadcast technology and engineering, technical operations, and design in broadcast systems.

The first year of our Media Technology degree introduces you to the core skill areas necessary to be a next generation media technologist, engineer, or technical operator. A key appreciation of technology in society - its use, misuse and impact - is key to understanding its place in modern broadcast, streamed media distribution and the economy.

The second year of the programme is underpinned with technical operations modules in both trimester one and two. You will work with students from performance courses to develop and create broadcast standard programme material. You will gain key technical skills in camera, sound and lighting engineering, as well as collaborative communication skills in working with students from other courses. This collaborative approach reflects the real-world industry environment where skills and roles combine to create material. As well as the operational modules, in second year, you will engage with more complex and technical areas of media. For example, modules may explore things like transmissions and distribution, camera technologies, and workflows for broadcast and cinema. The Introduction to Systems Design module will show how the choice of key technologies can increase capability within businesses.

It is in your third year of the Media Technology degree that you will be able to tailor your module choices to a specialism. The third year also focuses on a piece of relevant, cutting-edge research in the final trimester. You will investigate a new technological development or area of the media industry and this will feed into your final project/dissertation.

Throughout the programme, you will benefit from visits and talks from businesses and graduates working in the industry. These industry insights help to embed professional practice in your learning. We will also help to prepare you for industry by offering the opportunity to work on real-world projects, access interview preparation support, and build your network.

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