Training Opportunity

Creative Media BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) Creative Media launches you on a journey to make media that shapes, reflects and changes the world we live in. Our industry-facing course develops your creative voice, engages with communities on social issues and provides a practical grounding in professional media practices. Learn from experts skilled in narrative, documentary and artistic media practices – from film, photography and animation to interactive and immersive media, projection mapping and online media production.

The key to our course design is understanding what the creative industries value, what’s attractive to employers and the diverse opportunities of creative media. Being a flexible media maker in a continually-evolving media landscape futureproofs your qualification.

Our graduates are multi-skilled, flexible practitioners fulfilling diverse roles in the global media ecosystem. We are proud of how we equip our students for an everchanging media landscape. You will graduate with:

- confidence in the value of your creative voice

- a fully developed professional profile and portfolio

- industry contacts

- experience working on collaborations beyond the University

- experience pitching ideas, negotiating with clients, branding, marketing and promoting

- experience designing and making for various contexts, from social media campaigns to live events

- knowledge of the social and ethical impact of professional media

- the ability to research and articulate ideas effectively.

Our graduates work as directors, producers, camera crew, editors and sound designers. They set up successful businesses. They become fashion and travel photographers, animators, book illustrators, web designers and curators. They are independent artists, marketing and advertising executives, media strategists, game makers and educators. Others continue into postgraduate study and become academics.

They can be found at the BBC, Disney and Radio One. Their work is found at the BAFTAs, in the National Portrait Gallery, on the cover of Vogue magazine and in the creative offices of Google and Facebook.