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Digital Video Production and Marketing MA

MA Digital Video Production & Marketing is a balanced course - half theoretical/analytical, and half practice-based. This balance reflects the nature of the career itself, where data-driven content is rooted in both creativity and analysis.

Each intensive module will tackle different aspects of either the analytical or practical side of the skillset.

Heavily informed by industry practice and professionals, students will dissect the key tenets of the role of a digital video marketing professional, moving on to apply these to real-life industry scenarios.

Problem-based learning and collaboration will be central to this programme, which mirrors industry practice. Students will develop their communication skills, and will develop and acquire new skills as each module progresses.

To complement the focus on analytics and practice-based learning, students will also develop autonomous learning skills through theoretical classwork, individual and group-based production practice and real-world industry experience.

Video – from Instagram to Amazon - is the new mainstream, for the millennial and post-millenial generations, in both their editorial enjoyment and retail use of technology. This course will therefore be conducted with strong industry engagement and visitors at its core. Guest speakers will be drawn in from major social providers within Manchester, such as The LADBible, one of the world’s major social video channels, and Money Supermarket, Auto Trader,, Missguided, Manchester United FC and other major users of social video.

Meanwhile the final trimester will be specifically built around a piece of industry work by the students, where they will be given the opportunity to work with a specific company and product. They will get to the heart of both its marketing analytics and its creative needs, in order to produce a well-planned piece of creative work. The process will directly replicate the actual job they would be doing in industry after leaving for digital video marketing jobs. Further, their wider study of marketing analytics will give them the basics of a toolkit which is directly used by technology driven media producers such as BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 within the north of England.

Just as in the real world, marketers and creatives need to collaborate, so that will be the case on this course.

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