Training Opportunity

Diploma in Creative Producing

CGO is recruiting the fourth cohort for the Diploma in Creative Producing, a 12 week cloud-based course for aspiring creative producers of theatre and the performing arts nationally, and internationally.

The course starts on 11th April 2022 and finishes on 29th July 2022, with a 3 week break in between. It is cloud-based, run from Scotland, for a limited number of practitioners who will work together and learn from a range of established arts professionals including Kerry Michael MBE (Stratford East), Ellie Claughton (LUNG, Breach, Barrel Organ), Alice McGrath (Red Bridge Arts), Marie McCarthy (Omnibus Theatre).

The course is split into two blocks of teaching, seminars, masterclasses & group/individual exercises. The 6 modules will be:

Your Industry Landscape and Ecology

Your Producing Spectrum

Budgeting and Finance

Marketing and Fundraising

Your Team and the Law & Business

Your Future Making Work

The course may be centered around theatre practice, but it is open to creative producers working in all performing arts (including opera, live music, dance, circus, live art, musical theatre and festivals and more). Many producers work across a portfolio of projects which may also encompass visual arts, publishing and film. The course will not focus on these areas, but the skills taught will be transferable.

The total cost is £2,800. We are developing bursaries with charities including The Production Exchange, so please do express your interest even if you think the cost may be an issue - we'll find a way to make it work.

Deadline to apply: 21st March 2022.

If you are interested in applying or finding out more, please click the website link or email Chris via the address below.