Training Opportunity

Diploma in Creative Producing

Beginning in November 2021, this 16-week intensive programme of classes, seminars and tutorials will be held for up to 12 aspiring producers, led by experienced current practitioners from the UK, US, Australia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. This is the third cohort of the Diploma in Creative Producing.

The course will focus on marketing, fundraising, legal & business, arts ecology, international collaboration, building creative teams, and personal wellness.

Taught in English, assignments will be written in students' first language. The course will be taught online via Zoom and will be live-transcribed using transcription. Frequent breaks are built into each class to combat 'Zoom fatigue'. Other access needs will also be accommodated.

We want to do everything we can to ensure that the participants on the Diploma reflect and champion the diversity of the UK population, and take up the challenge to replicate that diversity in the stories they help to bring to the stage and the audience they attract into the theatres and spaces we perform in.

"The course is vital in the current state of the world today, to act as guiding lights for artists who have ideas that can impact change... Producers support artists in charting journeys and pathways to realise stories that are yet to be told and to offer reflection to the world” Mohamad Shaifulbahri / Bhumi Collective / Singapore & UK

We need more Creative Producers, join us and then change the world one show at a time! For more information

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