Training Opportunity

Lighting Design Summer School

This one week course teaches and explores the work of the Lighting Designer.

The course is designed for those with little or no theatrical experience, but also caters for those who have production and lighting experience, be it amateur or professional.

In the past students have taken the course for a variety of reasons – they are interested in theatre and lighting but lack experience or because they are considering full-time training.

The course aims to enable each student to develop their design and creative skills, to engage in the practice and presentation of a response to a text, its development through the lighting medium, increase their understanding of the role of light in performance, dramaturgy and scenography, as well as becoming a valuable member of a creative team.

After the course is over participants generally find they have a much clearer idea of what they want and have a better understanding of what demands exist within this profession.

Total of 30 teaching hours.

Applications are welcome from those aged 18+

Early bird tuition fee £550

Standard tuition fee £600

Location: Sidcup