Training Opportunity

MA Musical Theatre - Musical Directing

The MA Musical Directing pathway is designed to support the development of skills and creative thought for musicians with a passion for theatre. As a Masters student, you will study the musical landscape, engage in practice-based-research and explore your own potential as a contributor to the future of the art form.

The programme is closely linked with the industry and this ensures that you acquire the practical skills to support a sustained and varied career. Through specialised and focused conservatoire-level training, specific attention will be paid to:

- Keyboard skills

- Conducting skills

- Scoring and arranging techniques

- Vocal technique and repertoire coaching, Programming and Sound

These one-to-one classes are designed to build your skill and experience as a musical director in the varying areas relevant to the form. You will have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects matched to your specific interests and goals. Projects could include:

- Musical Director, arranger and orchestrator of the RCS Christmas Concert

- Musical Director of our BA Musical Theatre Glasgow and London Showcases

- Musical Director on the development of new and commissioned work

- Assistant Musical Director across fully produced BA Musical Theatre and Actor Muso shows

- Musical Director of a Cabaret season, Musical Directing roles on a season of work produced for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe