Training Opportunity

MFA Linklater Teaching Practice (Voice and Theatre Arts)

The new MFA Linklater Teaching Practice (Voice and Theatre Arts) is a unique practice- based Masters Degree centred in Kristin Linklater’s methodology. Linklater was a world-leading expert in vocal technique for actors and performers of all disciplines. The Linklater voice methodology underpins all voice training at ALRA, which is internationally recognised as one of the most innovative centres for actor training.

The MFA is rooted in Linklater’s approach to voice as fundamental to a whole system for actor training. A second emphasis in the two-year programme is Applied Theatre Arts, as developed by Augusto Boal through his ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’.

The MFA is a reimagined, pioneering training for Actor-Teachers

ALRA believe that the highest purpose of theatre is to shed light on the lives we lead and to shift perception towards potential transformation.

This training programme takes into consideration the changing world of the performing arts industry and traditional actor training. We recognise that many trained actors from conventional conservatory programmes wish to continue their training and develop their skills further. This MFA bridges the skill gap and will enable graduates to enter new creative roles with confidence and authority.

When actors create projects with community groups or begin to lead classes in a drama school setting, they often lack the specific skills and ethical preparation to engage effectively with groups.

Combining the Linklater approach with the Applied Theatre Arts methodology of Augusto Boal, movement work developed by Trish Arnold, and the acting techniques of Michael Chekhov, this MFA programme will equip graduates with the skills to develop the capacities of multiple communities to express complex social and political needs and find their voices both metaphorically and physically.

As global culture shifts there is a growing need for professionals who can lead artistic projects, to facilitate groups from a multitude of experiences and beliefs to successfully communicate.

Achievement of a BA (Hons) or BFA in Theatre or Acting or Performing Arts, in any setting. Applicants may offer equivalent professional experience as alternative qualification.

Auditions will comprise performance one classical text, one contemporary text and an unaccompanied song, followed by an interview. Applicants will be asked to submit a ten-minute video of themselves doing a portion of the Linklater warm up.