Training Opportunity

MusB Music

MusB Music was the first taught course of its kind in the UK, and it was a co-educational course from the start. But it certainly isn't stuck in the past!

The MusB today is diverse in content and flexible in structure, enabling you to choose the course units that interest you the most.

It allows you to build upon existing interests while discovering new forms and traditions of music and new ways of understanding, performing, and creating music.

The course offers excellence in Performance , Composition and Musicology , incorporating specialisms in Music, Culture and History, Music Theory and Analysis, Applied Music, and Ethnomusicology.

Our course content is regularly updated based on our research to reflect the latest findings in music scholarship.

You will also receive support in preparing for the workplace; our graduates go on to work in the music profession, the creative industries and beyond.

You will learn from internationally recognised academics and a roster of professional instrumental and vocal tutors drawn from Manchester and the wider north-west.

Our teaching and music-making takes place in the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama.

You will rehearse, take masterclasses and perform in the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall and can get your hands on the latest digital audio technology in the award-winning NOVARS studios for electroacoustic music and interactive media.

You will also benefit musically, academically, and socially from the extensive music-making and management opportunities provided by the Music Society , the Choral Programme and the department , with 100+ concerts and events taking place each year.

And this is to say nothing of the diversity of music to be experienced in cosmopolitan Manchester, a global and highly connected city for the performing arts with a rich heritage of professional and amateur music-making.