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Music with Drama BA (Hons)

A course for the modern musician.

The undergraduate Music degree programme is based around four core elements: Performance, Composition, Musicology and Music Technology. Classes take place over two 12-week semesters and each year a student will study 6 modules totalling 120 credits (normally 20 credits per module). Students studying Music in combination choose modules to the value of 40 credits (major) or 20 credits (Minor) in each semester.

Year 1 is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of musical styles, genres and disciplines enabling them to develop existing skills and interests as well as acquire a range of new ones. Musicology 1 and 2 both include strands in fundamental harmony while Performance Studies 1 and 2 include an Aural provision.

Note: BA students taking music as a major take Musicology and Performance Studies while those taking music as a minor may opt for either.

Year 2 allows students the opportunity to begin specialising by introducing a number of optional modules as well as level 2 modules in the four core disciplines. Musicology 3 and 4 – the only compulsory modules - both include strands in advanced harmony.

Note: BA students taking music as a major take Musicology and Performance Studies only (both 20 credits). All year 2 modules are worth 20 credits. BA music minor students may take Performance Studies instead of Musicology.

Year 3 enables students to focus their degree programme in one or more related areas of specialist interest with a broad range of advanced level modules. Placement presents students the opportunity to take part in an internship with a local music or arts organisation while the Project options allow students to pursue an independent course of research or practical work in a chosen field of musical study.

Drama provides an exciting and challenging programme with an emphasis on contemporary performance practices. Our approach to teaching and learning integrates theories and practices of performance in order to extend our understanding of Drama as an art form in its social, political and cultural contexts.

Students taking Drama as a Minor take one compulsory Drama module in each semester in Years 1 and 2 and in Semester 1 of Year 3. They may choose from the range of optional modules in the final semester of Year 3.

With this degree you could become:

- Arts Manager

- Arts Officer

- Music Facilitator

- Music Producer

- Music Teacher

- Music Therapist

- Musician