Training Opportunity

Musical Theatre Diploma

Although this course is not accredited, it is designed to act as a springboard for those wishing to undertake actor or performance training with a focus on musical or music theatre. It will develop your skills as a musical theatre performer with specific classes on singing, dance, improvisation, text analysis, voice, movement and character development. All teaching staff are theatre professionals and work within the drama school sector as well as the industry. The course will develop you as an actor with a focus on the performance skills needed for a career in musical theatre. It culminates in a performance in one of Central’s studio theatres, showcasing these acting, singing and dance skills. Please note that this is not an agents’ showcase.

On completion of the course you should expect to:

• attain a practical skill set of the tools necessary to embark on a musical theatre training

• create and broaden your performance vocabulary and begin to constructively critique your own performance skills as well as other company members

• develop a professional work ethic which enables you to work to the highest standard possible in a rehearsal/workshop environment

• combine acting, singing and dance skills cohesively in performance.