Training Opportunity

2 Year Diploma in Musical Theatre

Established in 2009, The MTA runs the UK's original 2 year fast track programme for performers. Uniquely for a Musical Theatre course the acting component is 50/50 stage/screen. We are an independent college which prides itself on being 100% vocational. That combined with being a 2 year course makes us exempt from being eligible for any kind of accreditation. Instead we opt for 100% transparency, declaring what every graduate has gone on to achieve. We have twice been awarded The Stage School of the Year for our innovative approach to training.

We are a truly unique course, named by The Stage as a ‘new force for training’. So what sets us apart? Keep reading

We are the only college to be exclusively staffed by a faculty of top work working professionals. This truly means that every single class at The MTA will be a masterclass in performance. We proudly run the one course, for a max of 22 people/year, ensuring that we train individuals, not groups. Our contact hours are amongst the highest in the UK today, with a min of 40 contact hours/week over a minimum of 40 weeks/year. There's little wonder then that our stats are so impressive. 100% of our students have graduated having secured independent agent representation before graduating. 74% of our graduates are still in the industry, with 23% of those having secured West End/No 1 touring contracts.

We are the only college to produce a public production every term in an established London theatre. We operate a #college4life policy ensuring that our graduates are supported throughout their careers. This ‘aftercare’ includes free classes, free rehearsal space, free audition advice/help, and ongoing access to our Student Services. We are currently the only HE college in the UK to operate a whole school approach to Mental Health. We instigated the industry wide Mental Health Charter, #time4change.

For 5 weeks every term our students have a minimum

• 17.5 hours of Dance/wk

• 8 hours of Acting/wk

• 10.5 hours of Musical Theatre/wk (which includes a private 1:1 singing lesson)

In addition to this our students have a specialist study week. The schedule for which is currently

• Commedia Dell’Arte

• Puppetry

• New Musical Development

• West End Dance Week

• Stage Combat

• Voice Over Work

• Short Film

• Cabaret

As part of the course you perform in 8 public productions in a London theatre:

• A straight play

• 2 Revues

• 3 Musicals

• 2 Showcases

In addition to this we also look at things like Self-Tapes, MoCap, Presenting to Camera, to name just a few of the additional skills that we teach our students.

Entry is by a whole day audition. Rather unusually the most you’d find at one of our auditions would be 15. We really like to audition people, not numbers. Even more unusually we also send every applicant feedback, and give them our decision the same day. In a bid to save you money we encourage you to first try our self-tape #auditionfromhome first too. A free service, which allows us to see you and assess whether or not we think that we’d be right for you, before you spend any money.

As we only run the one course, and due to the small numbers that we’re dealing with, The MTA really focuses on the individual. The course is tailored around your needs. A truly bespoke training opportunity.

We are working hard to secure funding for those people struggling to think about vocational training, with our aim being to support 50% of our students with a 50% scholarship. We want to work with you to ensure that you can access our course.