Training Opportunity

Year of the Monkey - 1 Year Intensive Actor Training

Experience a one year programme designed to develop your skills and build your confidence as an actor.

The Year of the Monkey is ideally suited for anyone looking to start their training journey or even for anyone who has already completed previous training or education and is now looking for a change in career.

The course is delivered in four terms to offer an an intensive, flexible route for actor training. The terms one and two of training mostly delivered during evenings and weekends for around 22.5 hours per week. Terms three and four are delivered on a 30-40 working hour week, following a ‘9 to 5’ structure. This structure allows students to work and train at the same time, and attracts a wide range of people to create a varied and diverse student body with plenty of opportunities to learn from the life experiences of your peers!

The first two terms focus primarily on training, with terms 3 and 4 focused on an intensive rep rehearsal process and performance respectively. Term 4 is a season of work at the Camden Fringe which showcases the actors in training to a public audience, supported by a team of award winning directors and creatives.

The course has been designed to create a diverse, collaborative environment to allow you to explore and get your teeth into the intensive actor training programme. It is structured to enable accessibility and experiential development across a full twelve month training cycle in acting technique, movement and voice as well as the collaborative process of theatre making. Upon completion of the programme, any graduates will be well positioned to take their next steps in the arts and theatre industries, whether that be further training or as an actor, theatre maker or creator.

The course offers numerous public performance opportunities, culminating in a season of repertory as part of the prestigious Camden Fringe.

Below is an outline of the key features of the Year of the Monkey programme:

• Full 12 month course, September to August

• 22 to 40 hours per week, covering a wide variety of disciplines

• Terms 1 and 2 Classes: 5-10pm, Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday and all day Saturday

• Terms 3 and 4 Repertory rehearsal and performance season: 9am-5pm/6pm, Monday to Friday

• Professional preparation sessions included

“As an actor, I can think of no better opportunity and learning curve than the Year of the Monkey. It’s exciting, creative and an amazing challenge. It is the course to be on.” - James Bryant, Year of the Monkey Alumni.