We care fiercely about Artists and Creative Freelancers working in this sector and in supporting and advocating for the very best conditions for brilliant art to be created.

Our Artist Support work is central to the organisation and is what makes us unique.

- We provide expert, artist-led support that enables people to develop distinctive ideas and thriving careers.
- We support independence and resilience by cultivating peer support, connections, and networks.
- We working with and listening to organisations across the sector locally and nationally to understand and recognise challenges they are facing.
- We advocate and lobby on behalf of artists and freelancers in sector wide strategic conversations and ensure they are at the table too.

Support for refugees and asylum seekers...

In 2014, West Yorkshire Playhouse became the first ever Theatre of Sanctuary, a public statement and recognition of our commitment to being a place of safety, hospitality and support for refugees and people seeking asylum.

We work closely with refugee organisations and with volunteers from the refugee and asylum seeker community in Leeds to offer a range of creative and practical projects, and we extend a warm welcome to the Playhouse community.

We have a dedicated programme of work during Refugee Week consisting of seminars, performances and workshops and throughout the year we offer a number of tailored and bespoke projects.

We provide creative programmes and one-to-one support to help participants develop their skills & explore potential career opportunities. We offer a range of support options for those still in education through to the long-term unemployed.

Our Model:
Since our establishment, Immediate Theatre has been committed to providing first-time employment opportunities and support for young people who would otherwise face significant barriers to employment.

Our programmes offer regular 1-2-1 support as well as group workshops, which aim to develop key employability skills through creative activities.

Our music therapy sessions use sound to create a safe environment where students can explore their feelings and memories at their own pace. The therapy is tailored to them and their specific needs, and students can access it through one-to-one sessions or as part of a group.

Our specialist music therapist works closely with our occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy teams and with education facilitators to provide the best learning environment. Sessions take place at one of our three different sensory rooms, or at a number of other locations across the campus. The therapist and student, through improvisation, will create and develop a musical language of their own. The music therapist is a full member of BAMT and is registered with the HCPC.

A typical music therapy session:

May begin with a welcome song, which may develop into an improvisation
Focuses on pre-composed music or an improvised piece, and this is directed by the student’s choice of instrument and playing style
Ends with a closing song to signal the end of the session

Dramatherapy is a creative psychological therapy which uses drama to stimulate creativity, imagination, insight and growth in students. These sessions focus on the individual strengths of the student, and do not rely on their verbal or cognitive ability.

Through multi-sensory activities facilitated by our dramatherapist, dramatherapy uses dramatic techniques such as storytelling, improvisation, role-play, mime, play texts, puppetry and masks to allow students to explore themselves and the world around them. It gives them space to build self-confidence, increase resilience and improve self-esteem through voice, body and creativity, which can lead to greater autonomy for self-advocacy. In addition, students learn to develop their social and interaction skills, which enables them to build trusting, healthy relationships with others.

Dramatherapy sessions can be run on an individual or group basis, and are student led. A typical session will bring creative and therapeutic approaches together to explore and develop an expression of the student’s thoughts and feelings. Our dramatherapist is a full member of BADth and is registered with the HCPC.

Audition Doctor provides bespoke acting classes that are tailored to your individual needs; helping build confidence for your next audition in TV, Film or Theatre.

We provide a service that is unparalleled with a proven success rate for getting actors back into the professional workplace and offer a variety of acting classes, from 121’s, groups and workshops.

We offer one-to-one support sessions for artists & producers at any stage in their career.

These sessions can cover a range of topics including:

- Funding advice
- Promoting your work
- Budgeting tips
- Tour Planning
- Developing your professional practice
- Or we can just be there as a friendly sounding board for you to talk through new ideas.

(Due to the COVID-19 pandemic these sessions will be offered via online video chats or phone for the foreseeable future).

To find out more or to book an artist support session get in touch: info@strikealightfestival.org.uk.

Our Young leadership Program (YLP) identifies and develops young talented artists from migrant background in order to promote Self-sustainable, independent professional artists, who are able to confidently sell their own artwork, and manoeuvre themselves positively in the professional world and be an inspiration for the next generations.

We are dedicated to brewing the young talents from migrant communities and foster a new generation of young leaders. We provide support in training, mentoring, exposure and opportunities for young creatives to develop their skills and build their portfolio.

Get in touch. Join our Next Cohort 2022-2023 as an artist/participant or contact us if you are interested in working with us.


On the first Sunday of the month, Charlie and special guests will be mentoring our iampro members. You can go over self-tapes, ask questions about the industry and work on building your confidence in these sessions. There will also be a mental-health check in. This space has been created to allow you to share your experiences, fears, achievements and everything in-between with like-minded people.

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