Why do you ask about my age, my household income, my ethnicity etc?

Firstly, if you prefer not to answer these questions, you can skip them. However, there are many opportunities that are solely or specifically aimed at people of a certain age group, certain ethnicities, from specific backgrounds or those living with specific disabilities. If you tell us more details about your circumstances we can show you opportunities on the site that are not open to others. If you also save your details with your email address, when new opportunities arise, we will email them to you.


Why is a course featured under experience and not training?

All courses that lead to a qualification are listed under training. Anything that does not lead to a qualification falls under the experience listings. This helps separate learning from studying and learning from experiences.


Why do some courses or organisations not show a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic percentage?

There are some organisations that either do not have the statistic recorded or would rather not say. Where a listing does have the statistic available, we use it.


Why are some courses or organisations accredited or validated and some not?

In short, accredited or validated means that a particular course or college/university are quality checked by an external group. Some colleges or universities that do not offer a qualification or are not tied to funding do not have to do this. For more information read this blog here.


Why do some courses or organisations not show a Student Satisfaction rating?

The rating is taken from the national student survey. This includes all courses that are led by a higher education university or linked to a university. If a course or organisation is not higher education, it would not be included in the survey.


What do you do with my email data?

Your email address is used to connect you with opportunities you are interested in. This means from time to time we will update you on what you can get involved with in your chosen area. You can change or unsubscribe whenever you choose to. You can do this by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the email or by logging into your account.  Your email address will never be given to any other party.


What is a sponsored result?

Get Into Theatre will list everything you need to know and some of these listings may be sponsored. An organisation can choose to sponsor their listings. This means that the listing has extra items that have been added and paid for by the organisation. This might include adding photos or highlighting their listing for example. Sponsored listings also appear above standard ones in search results. There is no endorsement by The Stage or Get Into Theatre implied.


How can I add something to your site?

Got a listing? This portal can be found on the homepage. Once you have entered that, just complete a few details and we’ll be in touch. Or click here.


How can I remove something from your site?

You can do this by contacting us here.


Can I use my login from getintotheatre.org on thestage.co.uk?

No, they use separate IDs.

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