Launched in 2009, the Papatango New Writing Prize is the biggest playwriting award in the UK, attracting more annual entries than any other. Despite this, it is also unique in offering personal feedback, supporting new writers and generating new work for the entire sector.

The Prize has long led provision for emerging playwrights. The first - and still only annual - playwriting award to guarantee its winner a full production, publication, fee and royalties, it has changed the landscape for new writing.

Each year the Prize expands to offer even more to early-stage writers, championing people excluded from theatre.

The Papatango New Writing Prize was the first and remains the only annual award to guarantee its winner a full production as well as publication, £7500 fee and royalties. It accelerates brilliant new talent.

Feedback is also available to anyone who wants it, to help explain readers’ decisions and offer suggestions for next steps.

This programme supports young Black creators (aged 18-24) to access the funding, training, tools and resources necessary to take their creative business to the next level. It takes more than skills to succeed, so we’re providing a grant between £100 - £250 to 60 individuals with a passion for art, short stories, poetry, photography, music, short films and much more.

Do it Now Now is collaborating with Comic Relief to allow 60 young Black creatives to experience a holistic training programme, complete with funding to support your entrepreneurial endeavours. We’re working with influencers, content creators, creatives, and finance and entrepreneurship experts to create a bespoke programme of support for a group of high-potential, young Black creatives that we expect to take the creative sector by storm in the next few years.

Voltage Revolution’s ‘Creator Fund’ will provide 60 London or Glasgow-based young Black creatives with grant funding between £100 to £250 and bespoke support valued at over £2,500 per person. We will help each of you build financial resilience and operational readiness, increase your chances of building a successful creative business and create a sustainable future for yourself.

We have three fully-funded (free to you) opportunities you can currently apply for before 3 March 2024:

If you’ve got a passion for the arts, live in Pembrokeshire and are aged 16-25 then we can help you fulfil your dreams!

Abigail’s Arts Award is a bursary fund provided by Theatr Gwaun that aims to help young people in Pembrokeshire start a career in the arts. We launched in March 2022 with funding from the Goswell family as a way to honour the legacy of Abigail Goswell who passed away in 2020 from breast cancer.

We have two annual grants of £500 that can be spent on anything that helps a young person pursue their dreams of studying the arts. It might be tuition fees, travel to auditions, artistic materials or activities.

Collaboration between musicians and creatives such as lighting designers, choreographers and visual artists can make music even more powerful. However, financing these activities can be a barrier to making them a reality, which is why Help Musicians can provide financial support to help develop new ideas and create a collaborative end product with music at its heart.

Musicians can apply for up to £5,000 to undertake a UK-based collaboration between themselves and another non-music artists, for example storytellers, lighting designers, choreographers, technologists, scientists, gaming designers, theatre directors, visual artists etc.

There should be tangible results of the collaboration, such as a body of work created for an upcoming recording or a new performance. Ultimately, the project should push the boundaries of what you do as a music creator or performer, exploring or testing something that you are not currently able to achieve without support.

Musicians at any point in their career can really benefit from learning new skills, taking time to hone their craft or working with peers and mentors to grow and develop as creators.

This strand of support can provide up to £1,500 to help you take advantage of opportunities that enhance your skills or artistic practice, available whenever you need it. This could be a virtual conference to learn more about the industry, an online course to enhance your skills, one-to-one coaching or an online masterclass with an expert, or perhaps some time to work with a mentor.

This support is specific to your career needs, so you can specify opportunities relevant to your own circumstances and ambitions. - whatever you need to feel confident in making your next move.

Support to grow through training, mentorship or other learning opportunities...

We can provide up to £1,500 to help you enhance your skills or artistic practice. Whatever your circumstances and ambitions — you can apply for support that is specific to your career needs.

This can be anything from a conference to learn more about the industry, to a course to enhance your skills; from one-on-one coaching to some time with a mentor.

If you are on a higher or further education course lasting at least one year that is preparing you for work as a performer or creative practitioner, you can become an Equity Student Member as soon as you start your course.

The current cost of Student Membership can be found on our subscription rates page. We’ll reserve your professional name, give you access to your local Equity branch, and help you to develop your business skills with regular FEU training at workshops around the country and online. In addition you’ll receive £2 million worth of Public Liability Insurance, and you’ll be invited to exclusive student member events around the UK.

Think of Equity student membership as a kick-start into the profession. It will help you build networks and communities beyond your course, and give you access to information and advice on your chosen profession (both on our website and in our branches) that you simply won’t get elsewhere.

By joining Equity you are taking an important step in your career. You are becoming part of an organisation with strong influence and nearly eight decades’ experience of successfully protecting the rights of artists and, when you finish your studies, the next step is to move into full Equity membership. This gives you a strong voice within your profession and access to a bigger range of membership benefits.

Benefits include:

Equity Bursary Scheme: Two annual awards of £500. Students are proposed by their tutors.

“Create” funds the development and creation of high-quality arts experiences that help creative individuals and organisations engage with and connect to the public

“Create” is about providing opportunities for individuals and organisations to produce and present their best work. This can mean funding the production and presentation of work, the development of new ideas and / or supporting individual or organisations to develop through training or business growth and change

“Create” supports our priorities as set out in our corporate plan, “For the Benefit of All”. This programme area will help us to meet our priorities around equalities, diversity, the Welsh language, nurturing creative talent and supporting sector resilience

We can accept applications for funding of between £500 and £50,000 (£100,000 in exceptional circumstances for organisations including festivals by prior agreement with your Development Officer).

We’re able to accept applications of up to £10,000 at any time. Please bear in mind that you need to allow a minimum of 6 working weeks between the date you submitted your application and the start date for your project. For applications over £10,000, check our website for the deadlines.

Dance and Drama Award (DaDa) aims to help with fees and living costs at one of 17 private dance and drama schools.

When applying direct to the dance and drama school you want to go to you must tell them you want to apply for a DaDA.

You must be aged 16 to 23 and show talent and a likelihood to succeed in the industry.

The amount you receive depends on:
- Your household income
- Where you live and study
- Download the national scales to find out how much you could get.

To be eligible you must:
- Be an EU citizen and have been living in the EU for 3 continuous years immediately before the start of your course
- Have ‘settled status’
- Have ‘indefinite leave to remain’ in the UK
- To get help with living costs you must be from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

You must be studying for one of these Trinity College London Diplomas:
- Level 6 Diploma in Professional Acting (3 years)
- Level 5 Diploma in Professional Acting (1 year)
- Level 5 Diploma in Professional Dance (Classical Ballet or Contemporary Dance) (2 years)
- Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance (3 years)
- Level 6 Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre (3 years)

You must be aged 16 to 23 for dance courses.
You must be aged 18 to 23 for acting courses.

Support towards creating your next release and getting your music out into the world...

Help Musicians can support you to create new music and share it with the world. Whether it’s studio time, mastering, or promotion around a release, we can help you to record and release your music.

This support focuses not only on your music creation, but on your wellbeing and long-term business development.

Awardees receive:
- up to £3,000 in financial support towards creative output

- one-to-one business advice sessions tailored to your needs and delivered via experienced music industry professionals

- personal health consultation with British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), covering all aspects of your physical and mental health, with specialist referrals where required

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