A professional development programme for early career dance and music artists. A programme of networking, intensive weekends, mentoring and access to studio space.

Thrive 2024, offered by Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, is a professional development initiative designed for independent dance and music professionals. Tailored to the needs of early-career artists, this programme aims to cultivate a fresh network of peers, equip participants with essential skills for sustaining their artistic careers, and foster an entrepreneurial mindset through a series of workshops, discussions, mentorship, and training sessions.

Over the course of four intensive weekends at the Trinity Laban campuses in South East London, attendees will engage in a variety of sessions covering topics such as self-sustainability in the arts (including managing a diverse career portfolio, enhancing social media and marketing skills, navigating arts funding, and mastering financial management including tax and contracts), as well as specialised workshops focusing on technique and skill enhancement within their respective art forms.

Networking opportunities, with guest speakers and facilitators providing platforms for creative exchange, skill sharing, and personal and professional growth. Additionally, participants will benefit from mentoring and Action Learning Sets, receiving three hours of personalised guidance from seasoned professionals either online or in person throughout the programme.

Access to studio space for research and rehearsals during the summer months will be provided, with potential avenues to showcase created works to the rest of the cohort.

Our introductory training course covering HDTV, film and theatre makeup and hair, along with hairdressing and barbering techniques.

Learn the essential skills you need to carve out a career as a professional makeup artist with our Foundation Certificate course. You’ll cover all the areas that you need to start your journey as a makeup and hair artist capable of working on film, TV and theatre productions.

Throughout this full time 14 week course you’ll gain an understanding of the key skills required by any makeup artist, from understanding the basics of makeup application, to creating inspired period and character looks and gory special effects. This course also includes experience working with facial hair application, body painting and basic barbering.

Our course tutors are extremely passionate about their industry, and you will learn from their endless knowledge. They have many years’ experience working on some of the best known films and TV productions in recent years. They will introduce you to the latest products and techniques that are relevant to today’s industry, so you can be sure you will be learning from the best.

Holidays of one to four weeks may be scheduled during your course at appropriate times and, therefore, the duration of your time with us could last from 15 to 18 weeks.

Level up your skills in Theatrical and Media Makeup with a Level 3 qualification at Hugh Baird College. This is a technical qualification for anyone that wants to pursue a career providing hair and Makeup services in the film, TV, theatre and fashion industries. Push your creative boundaries and explore your options in this exciting space.

You’ll advance on the skills learned in the Media Makeup Level 2 course, with new technical modules including media Makeup, wigs and creative prosthetics (SFX). This course delves into fashion and editorial styles, where you’ll add skills like camouflage (covering up scars and tattoos), theatrical Makeup, period hair and Makeup, and advanced face and body art to your portfolio. You’ll also get to grips with current tools and equipment, with a focus on airbrushing to high industry standards.

The Level 3 Theatrical and Media Makeup course balances practical learning with theory. The theory arm comprises health and safety, anatomy and physiology, and cosmetic Makeup science.

A favourite unit among students, you’ll get the opportunity to build a total character. You’ll bring a particular concept to life, taking ownership of everything from face casting to sculpting, and creating and applying prosthetic pieces. You’ll be expected to blend your character’s face with Makeup and a wig or bald cap, and present your work in your portfolio.

Hugh Baird College students get the opportunity to take part in regional competitions across a range of categories, including bridal Makeup, editorial Makeup, face and body art, and face painting.

Beyond the classroom, you’ll get to visit art galleries and theatres for character development inspiration. We’re big on community at Hugh Baird College, so you can get involved in local events to see how they run, such as Halloween events and shows in Sefton Park.

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