Our introductory training course covering HDTV, film and theatre makeup and hair, along with hairdressing and barbering techniques.

Learn the essential skills you need to carve out a career as a professional makeup artist with our Foundation Certificate course. You’ll cover all the areas that you need to start your journey as a makeup and hair artist capable of working on film, TV and theatre productions.

Throughout this full time 14 week course you’ll gain an understanding of the key skills required by any makeup artist, from understanding the basics of makeup application, to creating inspired period and character looks and gory special effects. This course also includes experience working with facial hair application, body painting and basic barbering.

Our course tutors are extremely passionate about their industry, and you will learn from their endless knowledge. They have many years’ experience working on some of the best known films and TV productions in recent years. They will introduce you to the latest products and techniques that are relevant to today’s industry, so you can be sure you will be learning from the best.

Holidays of one to four weeks may be scheduled during your course at appropriate times and, therefore, the duration of your time with us could last from 15 to 18 weeks.

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