Behind-the-scenes theatre tour at Royal & Derngate Theatre

Take a tour backstage at the Royal & Derngate theatre and see how they create the set and what goes on behind the scenes of a theatre production.

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Hello, I'm Oscar. I'm a Royal & Derngate Arts Leader. Today I'll be taking you around Royal & Derngate Theatre and the Northampton Filmhouse on a quick behind-the-scenes tour. I have to be a bit quiet because they're currently doing a tech rehearsal for Holes, which is in here now.

So, this is the Circle level and then you also have the Gods upstairs and then the Stalls which is downstairs. Originally, there was two boxes on either side of the Circle. They're actually probably seen to be the worst seats in the house but the rich people would want to sit there because they could be seen by everyone.

This is currently the Wings for Holes. I'll just take you through. It's quite noisy in here so I'll have to be a bit louder. So, this is workshop for the Royal Auditorium. This is where we make all of our Made In Northampton shows. They're currently building the set for Alone In Berlin, that's going to go into the Royal in a couple of weeks. I'll walk us through and then I'll take us to the paint shop. If you want to follow me.

So, this is the paint room for the Royal. So this is where they paint all of the sets that have just been built from downstairs. It's quite a large room because they need enough room to build all of the tall sets, then get it back down into the Royal ready for the shows.


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Published: 27 March 2020

Image: Alex Brenner

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