How can Artistic Directors of the Future help with my theatre career?

If you’re from a Black, Asian or ethnically diverse background and are interested in a career as an Artistic Director, or hope to one day be in a leadership position within a theatre organisation (including Executive Director, General Manager, Producer, Chair and Trustee), make sure Artistic Directors of the Future is on your radar.

Not sure what an Artistic Director does? Start here by reading our blog post all about the role!


What is Artistic Directors of the Future?

Artistic Directors of the Future (ADF) is an arts leadership training and membership organisation that is dedicated to creating change where it matters most: at leadership level.

Its mission is to increase leadership representation and progress the careers of theatre practitioners who are Black, Asian or ethnically diverse through its core services of leadership development and consultancy.

ADF works in partnership with leading theatre organisations to deliver a programme of workshops, events and professional development initiatives that demystify the roles of leadership positions, generate access to positions of authority and create career development opportunities.

Some of the organisations that work with ADF:


What training does ADF offer?

As a member, you can access both online and in-person training activities aimed at different stages of your career.

For all career levels, ADF offers consultancy for expert advice and support, online resources on topics such as starting a theatre company and pathways into leadership roles and Artistic Directors Lab, a half-day interactive workshop to gain a deeper understanding of the responsibilities of an Artistic Director.

Mid-career leaders can access training including the Board Shadowing Programme, ADF Innovators, theatre residencies, a Leadership Lab and application and interviewing skills.

Find out more about ADF’s training here or browse training opportunities across the industry on Get Into Theatre.


What events can I attend with ADF?

As well as the brilliant training programmes, Artistic Directors of the Future runs a number of conferences and networking events, which are perfect for meeting other ADF members and hearing from current leaders in the theatre industry.

See all ADF’s conferences and networking events here.


How can I get involved?

Once you have checked if you’re eligible, you can sign up for a membership here. ADF’s Bronze Membership is completely free, and gives you access to exclusive leadership development programmes.

If you’re looking for even more career support, you can opt for a Silver or Gold Membership via a monthly or annual payment to access all of ADF’s resources and opportunities.

Not quite ready to join as a member? Sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date with everything that’s going on, or just keep an eye on the noticeboard area on their website!



Published: 5 November 2021

Blog photo: Shutterstock

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