How can you support Get Into Theatre?

Get Into Theatre has over 2,500 opportunities from more than 800 organisations, schools and theatres all over the UK and will change the way young people look at theatre. Our aim is to inform, advise and most importantly support young people with their career in theatre, but we can’t do it alone.

Get Into Theatre can only continue to be a success through the support from organisations like yourselves and there are numerous ways you can show your support to make a change in our industry.

Upload your opportunities

Opportunities on the website will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Training - formal training courses which provide a formal qualification upon completion
  • Experience - workshops, apprenticeships, work experience, ticket schemes, and outreach projects. Training that does not result in a qualification
  • Funding - scholarships, awards and bursaries

If you are part of an organisation, school or theatre and you have an opportunity, upload it on our website here.

Alternatively, contact Laura on or 020 7939 8478

Enhancing your listing

Your opportunities are now listed on the website, that’s great! Now let’s make them stand out by enhancing them. When you upload an opportunity, basic course information is uploaded as standard. Enhancing your listings will give them greater prominence on the website and ensure they appear at the top of relevant search results. Your enhanced listing is 10 times more likely to show up in search results than standard listings. An enhanced listing includes the following:

  • Images - you can add a logo for your organisation and a gallery of images for each specific opportunity. (These images must be provided in PNG format)
  • Links - you can include a link, either to the homepage of your website or to each specific opportunity
  • Video - This can be a generic video for your organisation or specifically for the organisation. (Video must already be on YouTube)
  • A detailed description of the opportunity - you can include as much detail as you’d like including what the opportunity includes times, dates and entry requirements (if applicable)
  • You can even add a prospectus or any other documents you’d like

If you’d like to enhance your listing or for more information on how to do this please contact our sales executives Charlotte on or 020 7939 8465

Take a look through our rate card here.


You can advertise on the website. There are branding advertising opportunities throughout the website in the form of banners and MPUs. Your adverts can be designed and made by our in-house design team to your brief, or you can provide your own. All approved banners will be shown in rotation with other advertisers. We have principles in place to protect our users and ensure all adverts on the site are suitable for young people. If you’d like to advertise on the website please contact Charlotte on or 020 7939 8465

Have a look at our media pack here.

Contribute financially

If you believe in this resource as much as we do you can contribute financially to the running of the site and be credited as a supporter. Contact Ahmet on or Charlotte on to find out more.

Become a supporter

We welcome as many supporters as possible and you can be one of them by sharing the website where possible among the appropriate organisations and young people within your networks and ask them to upload their opportunities. Plus, give us a shout out on your social media channels @GetIntoTheatre and #GetIntoTheatre

Get Into Theatre will continue to grow, continue to inform and continue to support. It will change our industry for the better and it will open the industry we have been lucky enough to be a part of to all. Get Into Theatre will achieve this, but only with your support. Thank you for helping us with our mission to achieve this.

Photo: Alex Brenner

Published: 16 May 2019