How do online auditions for drama school work?

With many drama schools now into their second year of holding auditions online due to the pandemic, we check in with students from Trinity Laban’s Foundation Course, to talk about top tips for online drama school auditions, self-tapes and online interviews.

Neve Clarke, Amy Mash and Sarah Dickson tell us about what happens during the online audition process, the best techniques for online auditions and what they wish they had done differently to prepare.


What was good about your online auditions?

“I felt self-tapes were helpful in being able to see exactly what the panel would see… This helped my confidence in what I was producing.”

“I liked how I could watch my tapes back to analyse how I was acting in my songs, monologues and dance pieces. I found this helpful as I could correct myself.”

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What do you wish you had done differently to prepare for your audition?

“Something that I think would be very beneficial is to do a mock online Zoom audition.”

“I felt I could have looked for more Shakespeare monologues so I could have a choice for each school instead of only using the same material for every school.”

“I wish I had done more on live interviews over Zoom. Being in a room I can give off my personality, however it was a lot harder through a computer.”

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Were there any surprises during the audition process?

“Some schools took an extremely long time to get back to me. I waited 10 weeks from one school.”

“I could have connected the computer to a speaker so I could hear the music more clearly in dance auditions.”

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Do you think there will continue to be online auditions in the future?

“I feel like some schools might have first-round auditions online because it means people do not have to spend money travelling to the schools for auditions. I do however feel it would be better for schools to at least have their second rounds in person.”

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What are your top tips for online auditions?

“I would definitely make sure you set up your camera correctly. I would make sure that you use natural lighting when filming. But mostly I would say if you have an interview, you have to show so much more personality and enthusiasm because it is harder to convey through a camera.”

“Do not try and get the perfect take on your self-tape - you will drive yourself insane. Just keep trying your best. Watch your tapes back and decide what parts you need to focus on.”

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Published: 06 May 2021


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