What do Front of House staff do?

A Front of House staff member ensures quality customer service for the audience before, during and after a performance. They will work on a rota basis and are sometimes placed on the bar, box office or on the door.

What are the main responsibilities of Front of House staff?

  • Welcome the audience into the building
  • Ensure a high quality of customer service
  • Sell food, drink and merchandise (bar)
  • Guide audience members in the right direction
  • Manage incoming ticket sales over the phone and in person (box office)
  • Issue tickets to audience members (box office)
  • To be the point of contact for customer enquiries
  • To ensure the front of house area looks presentable and tidy at all times

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What qualifications do I need to work Front of House?

While there are no specific qualifications you need to work Front of House, these subjects could be deemed useful:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Drama
  • Languages

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What skills do I need to work Front of House?

These are the desirable skills to have to be a candidate for a Front of House role:

  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience in handling money
  • Complaint handling

What does a career in Front of House look like?

Front of House is an entry-level role where you can look into moving up to a Supervisor or senior role to Front of House Manager to Relations Manager. Read our blog to learn more about how you can become a Front of House Manager. Front of House staff can also be used as Ushers. Find out more about what Ushers do here. 

How much can I earn working Front of House in a theatre?

Pay is typically between £7 - £15 per hour, depending on the theatre and your responsibilities.

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Photo: Alex Brenner

Published: 23 May 2019