What does a Voice-over Artist do?

A Voice-over Artist is someone who uses their voice in radio, television, film, theatre and other presentations. Sometimes they are in a dialogue between characters in a scripted radio play, but often referred to as off-camera or off-stage commentary or narration. The work of a Voice-over Artist is all unseen and only heard. The different ways you can work as a Voice-over Artist include:

  • Commercials
  • Documentary or narrative
  • Promotional or corporate work
  • Radio dramas
  • Narration of productions
  • Animation and video games

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What are the main responsibilities of a Voice-over Artist?

Voice-over Artists in theatre are there to entertain their audience or deliver dialogue with nothing but their voice. They must:

  • Attend rehearsals with the rest of the cast
  • Work with the Director 
  • Vocally entertain the audience
  • Use different accents to create various roles

What qualifications do I need to be a Voice-over Artist?

You don’t need any formal qualifications to be a Voice-over Artist. Some form of drama training would be beneficial as you will learn techniques which you can use through your voice instead of your body. Many organisations offer workshops for voice-over training and you can find opportunities here.

What skills do I need to be a Voice-over Artist?

  • Clarity
  • Pronunciation
  • Accents
  • Additional languages are also beneficial 

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What does a career in voice-over work look like?

Most Voice-over Artists are also Actors as well. When working as a Voice-over Artist you will mostly be working as a freelancer. Read our blog 'How to be a freelancer in theatre.' It is a good idea to keep a voicereel (exactly the same as a showreel but with your voice-over work). Depending on the different skills you have for this role you can be hired for numerous roles because of your range and skills. You could also try hospital radio and reading to children in schools and hospitals to practice.

How much does a Voice-over Artist earn?

A Voice-over Artist can start from between £100-£200 per day.


Photo: Alex Brenner

Published: 02 July 2019