What does an Assistant Director do?

An Assistant Director position gives you the opportunity to both learn about the production process generally and the work of the overall Director. This means after a while of assisting a Director, you could eventually work towards becoming the Director.

What are the main responsibilities of an Assistant Director?

  • Read and study the play, then discuss the concept and ideas with the Director
  • Attend production meetings
  • Assist the Director, including taking notes and discussing the process
  • Run rehearsals such as run-throughs or speed line runs
  • Rehearse scenes if an actor is absent
  • If working on a touring production, you could potentially join the tour and maintain the show in various theatres

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What qualifications do I need to be an Assistant Director?

While you do not need a degree for this role, here are some useful subjects and courses that you can study to gain knowledge and experience.

  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Creative Arts
  • Theatre Management
  • Theatre Studies
  • Creative Management

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What skills do I need to be an Assistant Director?

These are the desirable skills to have to be a candidate for an Assistant Director role:

  • Experience in directing and producing
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership and people skills
  • Risk-taking
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Creativity
  • Strong maths ability for budgets and logistics

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What does a career in assistant directing look like?

There’s not a one-way path to become an Assistant Director, however having previous experience of producing, directing and creating new work is ideal.

How much does an Assistant Director earn?

Pay for an Artistic Director can range between £12k - £30k depending on the theatre and your personal experience.

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Published: 02 July 2021

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