Scottish Ballet is seeking a global majority person to participate in our first-ever Paid Mentorship in Dance Photography.

We are specifically seeking someone from a global majority background as we recognise the barriers faced by people with lived experience of racism to access the photography industry. This is especially prevalent in the live performance photography community, where work is often acquired simply through knowing the ‘right person’ or having a foot in the door.

Scottish Ballet also recognises the influence we have as a national performing company, and we are creating this opportunity in the hope of facilitating better representation in the industry.

Deadline: 5pm, Tuesday 5 March 2024

A package of financial and industry support to welcome talented UK undergraduates from Black, Asian, Gypsy, Traveller and ethnically diverse backgrounds to our creative community. This support comprises a bursary of £1,200 per year for three years of the programme, plus targeted mentoring.

The creative industries have stories at their core. We're passionate about supporting ethnically diverse stories to be given a chance to thrive at York. This scholarship was set up to encourage people from a range of cultural backgrounds who wouldn't normally think of York as a place for them.

The awards are designed to ease the financial burden of study. The funds can be used in any way that will assist you practically on the course – including travel, accommodation and living expenses.

The awards also provide mentoring support to help increase opportunities, preparing you for a successful career in the creative industries. Your mentor will meet you regularly, help shape your development and offer advice throughout your degree. We'll also have ‘Future Voices Scholarship’ events where recipients can meet and network with each other.

The award has been named after the great Victorian Philanthropist, George Peabody. LSMT has established this Grant for those who are unable to afford to attend our training and who are currently underrepresented in the Industry.

The funding is designated for those of African or Caribbean heritage, South, East and South East Asian heritage, Middle-Eastern heritage or those who identify as bi-racial or multi-racial. There are several Grants of up to £5000 available.

The GLOBAL7 Acting Short Course Programme, Voices of The Global Majority 2023, is funded by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND.

Representation matters and our goal is to diversify the pipeline of talent. To amplify the voices of underrepresented groups through creativity, and create access to equality of opportunity in acting which is one of the most challenging industries to enjoy a successful career.

GLOBAL7 Acting Short Course Programme: Voices Of The Global Majority, is reaching out to underrepresented communities wanting to get into acting and are unable to through the more traditional Drama School / Degree routes. This short Acting course is more accessible, breaking down socio-economic barriers with the focus on the inclusion and diversity of Black, Asian, young people, single parents and low income households.

At the end of the programme participants will participate in a public performance talent showcase as part of ‘Voices Of The Global Majority - Where talent meets opportunity’ at Soho Theatre Studio, to family, friends and industry professionals.

There will be acting surgeries during and post programme to nurture talent and give the participants the necessary tools to start a career in acting.

Artistic Directors of the Future is the first membership organisation dedicated to increasing the number of Black, Asian and ethnically diverse leaders in the arts.

Membership is open to theatre & live performance professionals (emerging, mid-career, established and career changers) and organisations worldwide.

What we do:
- Provide leadership training, events, and programmes for Black, Asian or ethnically diverse (Global majority) theatre/live performance creatives and professional at any stage of their leadership career. To check if you are eligible click here
- We partner with leading theatre and live performance organisations to diversify their networks and diversify their senior staff and trustees.

Join us for a 10-week term of Saturday Youth Theatre COMPLETELY FREE. We have received funding to provide many more bursary places for our upcoming year of Youth Theatre. We would love to have you join us!

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