Meet our Trustees

But first, a note from our Director...

Alex Duarte-Davies

Director, Get Into Theatre

"Absolutely everyone deserves the chance to access a career in theatre and be who they are in the process. There are so many barriers in life and some people face far more than most. It is my mission to make sure theatre becomes an equal space - one where everyone is welcome and the barriers are levelled. Since taking over from the wonderful Ahmet Ahmet in 2023, I have worked with our team and beyond to impact as many young people as possible, especially those who need theatre careers support the most or may not release theatre can be a space for them. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Get Into Theatre’s Trustees below."

What is a Trustee?

As Get Into Theatre is a charity, we must have a board of Trustees. A Trustee is someone who helps a charity organisation with management and administration. Also, as our Trustees have a variety of theatre backgrounds, they're on hand to give us any guidance and advice on how best to support you.


Alistair Smith, Chair of Trustees

Editor, The Stage

"If theatre is to thrive, it needs to reflect society - both in the stories it tells and its workforce. But, for too long, a career in theatre has felt out of reach for many. Get Into Theatre can help open doors and demystify the many wonderful and varied jobs that exist within the performing arts and can help young people from all backgrounds pursue a fulfilling career in a sector bursting with creativity.”

Aaron McGregor

Marketing Manager, Nimax Theatres

"Get Into Theatre is a brilliant organisation for anyone who wants to work in theatre and find out about all the different roles available as well as practical next steps. It would have made a huge difference when I was starting out."

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Matthew Xia

Artistic Director, Actors Touring Co

"For the theatre sector to really change we must begin with the value placed on the arts within society. This starts in our schools where the potential for change is restricted from the very beginning. At the age of 15 I was told that I should reduce my ambitions of working in the Arts as a professional. I’m joining Get Into Theatre to help young people who are interested, regardless of their backgrounds, understand that the theatre sector offers viable, sustainable career options beyond performing. Get Into Theatre has been quietly doing this work for some time, but with the new charitable status we are now supercharged to change lives."

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Rebecca Gwyther

Producer, RJG Productions & Charters Accountant

"Get Into Theatre is an essential organisation giving young people access to the theatre industry no matter what their background. Entry to theatre is often through performance-based routes, but there are so many other roles which go into creating a show. Through providing a central resource for information, as well as organising activities, apprenticeships and other schemes for young people all over the UK, this incredible charity aims to attract vibrant new talent and create a more diverse and inclusive sector. 

Having found my way into producing at a (relatively) young age and through a roundabout route, I’m thrilled to be on the board of this charity which gives young people access to a wealth of information and opportunities. Get Into Theatre is vital in ensuring that theatre is not a closed shop and makes it possible for all young people to dream of and take their first steps towards a career in theatre. I can’t wait to see what happens next!"

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Sarah Miller

Director, Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation

"I am so excited to be on the board of Get Into Theatre, representing founding supporter Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. Many people do not know about all the job options in theatre or the different ways to make a start in a theatre career - Get Into Theatre changes that. It provides easy to access information on everything from drama school training and youth theatre opportunities to technical theatre apprenticeships and what it means to be a sound designer. Get Into Theatre means that no matter your background or who you are, you can find out what is available and how to get into theatre."

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