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Absolute Beginners Dance Classes

Dancing like there’s nobody watching – as the saying goes – is easier said than done. And for millions of people, the thought of stepping onto the dance floor is simply terrifying!

Our Absolute Beginners Dance Classes are suitable for complete beginners or for those looking to start from scratch again – those wanting to improve coordination, link moves together and find comfort and confidence in various dance styles. You'll be taught all the dance essentials: terminology, travelling steps, and, most importantly, rhythm.

Exact course content may differ depending on course length and your needs, but topics covered will generally include:

- Learning the basic elements of dance and movement
- Transitions and travelling steps
- Learning foundational dance step (ball change, box, chasse, etc)
- Developing an understanding of rhythm and timing
- Improving coordination skills
- Building confidence in yourself, while learning in a fun, supportive and relaxed environment
Like all of our dance lessons at City Academy, you'll receive friendly advice and feedback throughout the course.

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