Experience Opportunity

Acting Foundation Course

Whether you are an aspiring Actor or wish to revitalise your creativity, our Acting Foundation Course offers an energetic, inspiring and practical experience. Over five consecutive days, you will participate in masterclasses and workshops, providing you with a solid foundation in acting. You’ll gain a broad experience in the skills required to deliver a convincing performance and work on core acting techniques.

In this acting course you will cover:

- Stage Acting - how to create a character, approach a script, take direction in scene work and harness your imagination and creativity
- Screen Acting – learn key performance techniques, rehearse on camera with playback and professional analysis and perform a directed piece to camera
- Movement – develop body language skills, gain confidence in your physicality and work collaboratively as an ensemble
- Voice - learn vocal techniques and how to use the voice safely. work on control, volume, tone, authority and developing a broader vocal range
- Singing and Musical Theatre Workshops - an energetic combination of acting, voice and movement to fine-tune your ensemble work, breathing control, posture and confidence
- Stage Combat: learn the basic moves and safe practice
- Improvisation: Develop your stage-craft, self-confidence and reignite your imaginative skills

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