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Ballet Classes - Improvers 1

Ballet Improvers Classes 1 will focus on developing your athleticism and grace whilst introducing more technically demanding elements of the art form. This class is aimed at people who have completed a Ballet Beginners class or have some previous ballet experience.

You will concentrate on continuing to master the fundamental skills of Classical Ballet through repetition, which will enable your muscle memory to connect. More advanced steps will be taught, expanding your knowledge of the Ballet vocabulary. You will apply what we have learned in the Ballet Beginners classes, improving posture, balance and coordination.

Exact course content may differ depending on the duration of the course, your individual needs and those of the group collectively. However, topics covered will generally include:

- Continue to improve your posture and balance
- Develop a greater awareness of the space that your body inhabits
- Learn longer and deeper stretching exercises
- Introduction to petit batterie (beats), directions and grand allegro (big jumps)
- Master more challenging balances, footwork combinations and extended choreographic phrases
A with all of out ballet courses, you will be given friendly feedback and support from your tutor throughout the course.

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