Experience Opportunity

Directing Theatre: Beginners

Discover the practical elements of directing for the theatre, working on text analysis and beginning to build your director’s toolkit. Learn to motivate actors and create believable, engaging performances as you explore a range of modern texts.

What is the course about?
To introduce you to the practical work of directing scenes and plays. To develop your confidence through the application of useful tools and techniques. As a tool of supporting the other aspiring directors you will also act in some scenes. No acting experience necessary.

What will we cover?
The course will provide knowledge of a range of plays and their directing requirements. You will get an opportunity to explore the relationship between the actor and director, as well as the rehearsal process.

Please note that acting classes by their very nature can involve exercises and the exploration of material that some students may find challenging.

What will I achieve?
By the end of this course you should be able to...
- Through practical exercises, understand how to block (shape) a scene.
- Understand character motivation, the use of actions and units, and incorporate these into scenes.
- Work on and adapt to a range of plays.

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