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Directing Theatre

Ignite your passion for performance and production with Bristol Old Vic Theatre School’s short courses. Our courses offer a wide range of opportunities to hone your craft and expand your repertoire, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced professional.

Guided by industry-leading practitioners, these courses provide unparalleled training and mentorship in an environment that fosters artistic growth and collaboration.

Directing Theatre, Monday 19 – Friday 23 August, 2024 | £570 | Beginners, 18+

The Directing Theatre short course is designed as an introduction to the fundamentals of directing performances for stage. Over five days, the course will cover skills in text analysis, character development, and classical as well as contemporary text work.

You will also get to explore the complete process of bringing a production to life – including concept work, adaptation, devising, conducting rehearsals and technical rehearsals.

• Gain a practical understanding of the role of a director and their relationship with actors, writers and other collaborators in the rehearsal room;

• Explore text analysis – including interpretation, world building and character development;

• Techniques to direct adaptations of classical and contemporary texts, as well as to direct devised theatre;

• Practical exercises and projects to explore the process of direction – from concept work to rehearsal rooms and tech weeks.

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