Experience Opportunity

Discovery Tickets

See more for less with £10 tickets.

Why not discover something new? 16–26-year-olds can see a range of high-quality productions for just £10. Our Marlowe 16-26yrs Discovery Membership is free to use.

Make the most of your membership by trying out different genres. Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas for a night out or fancy doing something different with your mates. Here’s a few thoughts:

- Have you ever heard an opera singer project their voice across a whole theatre with no microphone? Or the powerful sound of a full orchestra playing live?
- You might have read Shakespeare at school, but have you seen his characters come to life on stage?
- Ever seen world-class ballet, hip-hop or contemporary dancers make perfect synchronisation and incredible body strength look effortless?
- Ever got that fringe festival feeling on your doorstep? No need to travel far when you’ve got our Marlowe Studio.
- Have you laughed out loud as part of a real-life crowd at a comedy night?
…If you haven’t, you can do all of this at The Marlowe for just £10!

Don’t forget, Discovery Tickets are limited per show, so book early to avoid missing out!

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