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Dramatherapy Referrals

Dramatherapy is a unique method of psychotherapy that uses play, movement, improvisation, storytelling and dramatisation to facilitate positive change and personal growth. Dramatherapy helps develop creativity and imagination and aids during times of stress, emotional instability, and uncertainty.

Dramatherapy is an inclusive practice suitable for a wide range of client groups across ages, cultural or social differences, including physical and learning ability. Dramatherapy is a contained, active, collaborative process of discovery and change whereby the therapist supports clients by actively listening and responding with creative invitations. Dramatherapists work with creative activities, embodied experiences, and theatre practices to help their clients re-imagine, work through and make changes in their lives.

Creative Youth Network's Trainee Dramatherapist will work with the referred young person for 12 sessions on a 1-2-1 basis. Sessions will last for an hour each and take place at The Station (Bristol) or Kingswood Estate (South Gloucestershire).


• Referrals are open for 11 - 25 year olds from Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

• Referrals can be made by young persons, parents/carers, other professionals, and school teachers.

• Those being referred do not need previous experience or interest in drama as a subject.

• The sessions are confidential, non-judgemental, and tailored to diverse needs.

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