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Dramatherapy is a creative psychological therapy which uses drama to stimulate creativity, imagination, insight and growth in students. These sessions focus on the individual strengths of the student, and do not rely on their verbal or cognitive ability.

Through multi-sensory activities facilitated by our dramatherapist, dramatherapy uses dramatic techniques such as storytelling, improvisation, role-play, mime, play texts, puppetry and masks to allow students to explore themselves and the world around them. It gives them space to build self-confidence, increase resilience and improve self-esteem through voice, body and creativity, which can lead to greater autonomy for self-advocacy. In addition, students learn to develop their social and interaction skills, which enables them to build trusting, healthy relationships with others.

Dramatherapy sessions can be run on an individual or group basis, and are student led. A typical session will bring creative and therapeutic approaches together to explore and develop an expression of the student’s thoughts and feelings. Our dramatherapist is a full member of BADth and is registered with the HCPC.

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