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Front of House Workers Online Course

So you’ve started working in a front of house role? Do you want to do it to the best of your ability? Do you want to make sure you’re prepared to welcome all audience members? How do you make sure you are safe and confident in your work? Do you understand your workers’ rights?

This online learning course from the Independent Cinema Office features experts teaching crucial lessons for anyone who works in audience-facing roles in cinema. Although designed for cinemas, the training is relevant to all front of house workers across different types of venues. Intended as a complement to specific in-house training, it covers:

- Why front of house work matters
- How to deal with difficult customers
- Understanding important rights and responsibilities (including your entitlements as a worker)
- Welcoming disabled audience members

- Checking your biases and understanding how to welcome people from all backgrounds
And much more. Learn from five industry experts with decades of experience to help guide you on your journey. It’s everything you need to get started in a front of house role so you can continue to value yourself and the contribution you make to your venue.

An institutional license is £100 for a year of access, it’s £15 for 3 months of individual use and free for 3 months to those currently unwaged.

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