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Improvisation - Level 2 with Showcase

Our Improvisation - Level 2 With Showcase course is the next step on your Improvisation journey. Whether you're developing your performance skills or looking to build confidence - enjoy the unpredictability and fun of Improv.

Consolidating and expanding on the techniques gained on the Level 1 Course - you will start focusing on scene work, moving towards fun multi-scenes and complex games building up performance skills. Show off your developed performance skills to friends and family in an Improvisation Showcase at the end of the course!

To participate in this course it is necessary to have completed Improvisation – Level 1 or a similar or equivalent elsewhere. This course is not suitable for complete beginners to acting. If unsure about suitability - please contact info@city-academy.com

Exploring a wider range of strategies and actions to build spontaneity.

- Energy and showmanship
- Confidence to follow instincts
- Responding without hesitation
- Storytelling
- Engaging with audiences
- Explore status
- Stage craft and voice projection
This series of classes continues to concentrate on the transferable benefits of Improvisation; benefits for work, social and personal interactions. Highlighting the techniques to build confidence, communication, creativity and imagination.

You will receive friendly guidance and feedback from your tutor throughout the course.

Important Note: To participate in this course it is necessary to have some experience of Improvisation, acting or performance.

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