Experience Opportunity

NYAT Hull Youth Theatre

The National Youth Arts Trust runs a youth theatre in Hull.

Since 2017 we’ve been offering regular workshops for young people aged 12 to 19 in Hull, to provide an education in drama outside of school for young people from low-income, non-privileged backgrounds and those who would otherwise have little or no chance to access such opportunities.

There are up to 30 members, who meet each week. Our workshops offer the chance to explore creative potential in drama in a non-academic environment. We learn a range of skills including script writing and devising work, acting techniques, movement and voice, physical theatre and improvisation.

We go on theatre trips, run masterclasses with industry professionals and perform for the local community.

The youth theatre exists to unearth emerging local talent, make bold and exciting work, give a chance for young people’s voices to be heard, encourage members to develop a lifelong passion for the performing arts, and to offer a practical and realistic springboard to further education, including a potential theatrical career.

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