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ProPortal (Online)

ProPortal is a brand-new and completely free online platform developed by Unity Theatre, Liverpool. The website has been created to diversify the UK touring circuit by bringing together artists and programmers who would normally struggle to connect.

At its simplest the ProPortal is a private, online library of performances available for tour and artists available for commission. Through ProPortal, programmers and producers at venues and festivals will be able to watch high-quality recordings of company work through this new YouTube-style platform.

Designed to make decision-making easier and more personalised, the portal allows productions to be filtered by genre, location, availability and staging, as well as features such as accessible performance options, community engagement packages and suitability for schools

The website is private and secure, meaning artists don’t need to worry about work being accessed by anybody they wouldn’t want to see it. Submission for artists is brief, saving endless cold-emailing or extensive travel costs.


ProPortal is available to be used by artists, producers, programmers, and theatres that wish to showcase creatives from their own talent development networks.

Programmers and Producers: The portal dashboard itself will only be available to view by programmers and producers, who will be manually verified to ensure privacy of artists work.

Artists: Artists will be able to submit work to be exhibited on the website by using a simple form. You can find out more about criteria for exhibition below.

Talent Development Networks: We’re keen to hear from Talent Development networks across the UK who are doing brilliant work cultivating, supporting and sharing new voices from their home cities, just as Unity are doing with Liverpool.

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